Kitchen Vent Hood and Exhaust Cleaning

HydroClean Kitchen Hood Cleaning

HydroClean is the leader in Kitchen Vent Hood and Exhaust Cleaning Services

At HydroClean we know that keeping your Kitchen Vent Hood and Exhaust System clean is a top priority. Dirty systems are the major cause of kitchen grease fires. At HydroClean we thoroughly inspect and clean your system on each visit to ensure it is in top operating condition.

HydroClean offers a scheduled kitchen vent hood and exhaust system inspection and cleaning program. This program ensures that on each visit to your site we will perform a complete 25 point cleaning and inspection. The frequency of the scheduled visits are determined by the NFPA 96 requirements.

For complete information on our kitchen exhaust cleaning and inspections, or to schedule a free kitchen exhaust system inspection, please visit our Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning page.

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning
  • Before  cleaning by HydroClean
  • After cleaning by HydroClean
  • fan before cleaning by HydroClean
  • fan after  cleaning by HydroClean
  • duct before cleaning by HydroClean
  • duct after cleaning by HydroClean
  • hood before cleaning by HydroClean
  • hood after cleaning by HydroClean
  • vent before cleaning by HydroClean
  • vent cleaning by HydroClean

Facility Refresh Services

Facilities look like new again with a HydroClean Refresh

HydroClean offers two unique refresh services.

  • Food Service Refresh
  • Resale Refresh

The Food Service Refresh is a very unique program to the food service industry. This is a comprehensive program that includes all of your property inside and out. We come into your store with our crew and equipment and do the heavy cleaning of the buildup that has been neglected for a while. At the same time this is going on our senior crew leader will take your people and help them in this process. We will personally train your managers how to look for high traffic areas that get dirty first but often get missed. We will also show them how to look at your store from the eyes of your customer to see what they are seeing.

The Resale Refresh is designed to bring non-operational or closing properties back to top shape preparing the property to be leased, sold, or auctioned, at the highest price. This service is performed by HydroClean crews.

Refresh Services
  • storerefresh1
  • storerefresh2
  • storerefresh3
  • storerefresh4

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